Wall-Et Shame

A few moons ago when I was nine years old I went on a trip to visit a few of my relatives. Being the robust and adventurous kid that I was, it irked me to be cooped up in the confined space of a hotel room. Thus, I decided to prance around the hotel lobby like an antelope in a fresh green meadow during the middle of spring. I made my way to an area where a pay phone was located and my eyes became fixated on a rectangular object. The object in question turned out to be a pleasantly plump wallet. I was only nine but my face lit up like the North Star once I saw a wallet full of bills with Benjamin Franklin’s face on it.

I took the wallet to my grandpa and asked what I should do with the wallet. His words, “Keep it!” I shared my predicament with a friend who told me to “Keep the money and turn in the wallet with the credit cards intact.” If you found yourself in my position what would you do?

“You can never lose anything that really belongs to you, and you can’t keep that which belongs to someone else.” – Edgar Cayce

In society today we’ve adoption the kindergarten playground notion “finders keepers, losers weepers”. When did it become unpopular to be honest? How did the ethical and moral behavior of our society deteriorate to the level in which integrity is a now faux pas occurring once in every blue moon?

We need to make a greater effort to do what is right even if even if no one is looking!

If you were wondering, I turned the wallet in to the front desk. The owner wrote me a heartfelt letter and gave me $5. To this day I still feel good about what I did. Would I go back and change anything? Absolutely not!


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