An “Unpresent” Surprise!

Have you ever been really excited to receive a gift, package in the mail etc., that didn’t live up to its billing once you had it? I went on a search and destroy mission via Ebay (possibly the greatest auction site ever) to find a pair of Jordan Retro 11 black n white concords (commonly known among sneakerheads as “spacejams”) in a size thirteen. I won the auction and excitement consumed me like a white blood cell engulfs intruding bacteria. The day the package arrived at my doorstep I tore into that box with a child-like exuberance.  Within 0.4539 seconds I found myself experiencing a combination of shock, disgust, and bamboozlement. The item in question was not authentic Jordans but cheap knock offs. The item I received was a far cry from the item that was listed on EBay.

How often do we experience this in our daily lives? On the outside an individual may advertise him or herself as having everything under control, but on the inside that person may be crying for help. Some people may try to highlight their affluence by buying an expensive home in a suburban neighborhood; however they can’t afford to furnish the inside of the house. A person may claim to be religious yet he or she isn’t living the life that supports those assertions.

Let me ask, “Are you living up to the description you are using to advertise yourself to others?

Ensure the manner in which you portray yourself is closely aligned with who you are. Don’t False Advertise!

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