Spotty Downpour!

A few weeks ago I found myself at the car wash (“Talkin’ about the car wash yeah!”). I finally caved under the pressure of the thick layers of dust, grime, and bug juice that has overwhelmed the aesthetic beauty of my vehicle. I went through the car wash at the usual warped speed trying my hardest not to blink so that I wouldn’t miss any part of my car’s transformation process. I decided to park my car underneath the shaded tent area in order to vacuum my car and wipe down a few water spots. After I completed those tasks I decided to take a few steps back to marvel at my masterpiece. Within two seconds I noticed an off white, spherical, half dollar sized spot located on the roof on my pristine car. A vile black bird sullied my car and proceeded to perform a celebratory victory dance along a ledge that hung 20 feet above my physical reach and jumping abilities.

“There’s always stuff to work on. You’re never there.” – Tiger Woods

We all have different spots, blemishes or smudges in our lives. We have splotches that we may not know are there, stains others may have brought to our attention, or marks we know exist but haven’t addressed as yet. We all have areas whether minuscule or astronomic that we need to revisit and place a greater emphasis to change, fix, or wipe clean with a baby blue microfiber cloth.

Our lives are an unfinished mural that’s constantly updated and enameled into a vivid and pulchritudinous artistic display of excellence!

What spots do you need to address?

Comments are welcomed…

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