The Bird’s the Word!

A week ago as I was casually driving away from the gym during the wee hours of the morning when an interesting chain of events ensued. I arrived at an intersection at the exact moment as a guy driving a truck. The guy turned in my direction and motioned to me that he was my number one fan. The guy essentially flipped the bird (as it is commonly referred to as) or to put it in lemans terms, he left all his fingers down except the finger in the middle of his pointer and ring finger. What compels a person to act so grotesque on such a riveting morning? The most befuddling part of the exchange was the fact that the man immediately sped off. Perhaps he felt sorry and embarrassed because of his impulsive action? Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Or maybe he realized that he “flipped off” a slightly larger than average size, 6’5” African American male and wanted to put as much distance between him and I as possible?

How often do we allow an impulse reaction to serve a needle that injects a flu shot-like pain and hurt in the lives of those around us?

“All of our actions take their hue from the complexion of the heart, as landscapes their variety from light.” – Francis Bacon

An individual’s actions are a direct reflection of the type of content that consumes one’s heart.

Let your actions serve as the support beams that hold up the house of life you’ve built using the dazzling bricks of character!

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One thought on “The Bird’s the Word!

  1. Great post Fedrick! I too wonder how there can be so much anger in our world, then I remember myself being there just a few years ago.

    I was just speaking to my students last night about emotions and we all agreed that anger tends to be the number one emotion we allow to control us when it arises. We also all agreed how our emotions and how we respond to those emotions directly impact those around us.

    I like the quote from Dave Ramsey as well…”Our choices determine our results.” That definitely places the responsibility of where we are in life on ourselves. Of course we all know the Spiritual answer is God is in control; but we all know He gave us free will and He will allow us to experience consequences from our choices when we exercise that free will above His will.

    Thank you again for sharing you heart with all of us.

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