Quite Testy!

This week serves as the dreaded “finals week” for a large clump of college students (including myself). As I was sitting in a room quiet enough to hear a dog whistle if it was blown, I pondered “What is the importance of a test?” A test is usually defined as a series of questions, problems, or physical responses designed to determine knowledge, intelligence, or ability. It has always amazed me how a test can evoke behaviors that differ from person to person. A test can set one’s bodily functions in a frenzy via nervous twitching and sweating. A test can cause one’s heart to pound at a force equal to that of a Muhammad Ali right hook (when he was in his prime).  A test can have a similar effect as a high frequency magnet on a hard drive and wipe one’s mind clean of the data they entered through studying.

In life we face tests that come our way in many forms. A test may come in the form of an annoying coworker, financial problems, life challenges, obstacles, hardships, etc. There is no manual that contains the correct answers to life’s tests. These tests present themselves to actuate our knowledge, intelligence and ability when faced with difficult decisions. We will always encounter various tests as we white water raft down the rapids of life!

When your life test presents itself, will you start to sweat and draw a blank? Or will you ace that test and become more mature, refined, and stronger than you were before? CHOOSE!

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2 thoughts on “Quite Testy!

    • Life is a continual series of tests my friend. Life’s path has its share of lumps, puddles, and holes that we much endure before we can achieve the success found at the end of the path.

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