A Supportive System

A support system is usually defined as a group of people who are available to provide an individual with emotional, social, and sometimes financial support. As we drive along the road of life we often run into a few pot holes or roadblocks that require us to seek assistance from others. Some turn to close friends when they need support. Others may look to family for assistance. A few pay to lie on a black leather couch and spill their thoughts to a psychiatrist. My support system is comprised of God, family and a handful of close friends.

It is imperative to have a sturdy support system. Having a strong social support system helps people become more resilient in the face of life’s surprises. During a flood fire ants will stay together as a unit and float. In less than two minutes the entire colony will coalesce into a watertight, pancake-shaped raft by grasping onto one another using their mandibles, claws and adhesive pads on the ends of their legs. These rafts can sometimes be composed of thousands of ants linked together and floating sometimes for months. These ants rely heavily on each member of their colony for support and offers support when life throws a curve ball their way.

Ensure that your support system is comprised of individuals who won’t hesitate to latch on to you and offer timely support as you float atop the unforeseen floods of life!


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